Industrial & Commercial Timers - Annunciators


Features of Industrial & Commercial Timers

  1. Micro-Controller based system with seven segment display (0.56”), single row & 6 digit interface & 5 keys.
  2. Cyclic ON/ OFF Timer or ON Timer.
  3. Programmable ON/OFF Timer in terms of 59min & 59 seconds (max).
  4. 2 Relay outputs (7A Amps rated).
  5. External START/STOP & RESET Command.
  6. Memory Back during power failure.
  7. RS232 link / RS485 with programmable slave address.
  8. UP key, Down Key, Shift key, Enter Key & Reset Key are the 5 different keys provided.
  9. 230V AC input power supply with Fuse (500mA) protection.
  10. Compact 48x96x110mm/96x96x110mm panel mountable plastic enclosure for industrial application.

Note: System can be custom built according to customer requirement.

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