Thyristor Based Control Units- DC Drive, Vibration Controllers, Welding Control Units.


Features of Thyristor Based Control Units

DC Drive/Vibration Controllers – SCR Based

  1. Microcontroller based SCR phase angle control Drive for DC motors.
  2. Rating: <=1.0HP, Single Phase, 230V AC, 50Hz with 6A Fuse (strictly no to square wave inverters & generators without 50Hz).
  3. Applicable for DC Motor Shunt or Compound.
  4. Armature Voltage – (0-200V, 4.5A).
  5. Armature Overload Protection - Programmable Armature Current – (0-5A), using keypad.
  6. Field Voltage terminated – 200V DC.
  7. Field Disconnect protection – Programmable.
  8. 3 seven segment displays & 4 keys (UP, DOWN, ENTER & AC voltage monitor).
  9. 1 setpoint – PER– in terms of percentage (0-99% with 1% resolution).
  • One external digital input status, decides ON or OFF.
  • Programmable Acceleration (dL1) & deceleration (dL2): 0-5000 millisecs.
  • Programmable Percentage limit (P.Lt).
  • Input AC voltage measurement and display.
  • Compact panel mountable plastic enclosure of size: 96x96x110mm with terminals.


  1. Micro-Controller based system with 4 Line LCD (20x4) & 6 keys.
  2. Thyristor Control – SCR – 100A.
  3. 10 Different Programs. Each program consists of squeeze cycle, cool cycle, weld cycles.
  4. External Inputs – 4 Nos – Start, Run/Reset, Weld cycle select, Continuous or Single Cycle.
  5. External Outputs – 2 Nos – Potential Free Relay Outputs for piston operation.
  6. Isolation Transformer based firing (no MOC series).
  7. Suitable for three Phase & single Phase.
  8. 10KHz PWM superimposed with the 50Hz sine wave, based firing technique.
  9. Program Options: Weld cycle (0-99), Energy Output (0-99), Squeeze Cycle (0-99), Cool Cycle (0-99), OFF cycle (0-99).
  10. System can be custom built according to the customer requirement.

Note: System can be custom built for any process control equipment like vibration controller, spot welding units using SCR packs.

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