Load Indicator & Controller (Pressure Indicator & Controller, Counting Scale)


Load Indicator & Controller (Pressure Indicator & Controller, Counting Scale).

Features of Load Indicator & Controller

  1. Micro-Controller based system with seven segment display (0.56”), single/double row & 6 digit interface & 5 keys.
  2. Displays the process value & peak value.
  3. Provision for manual resetting the peak value.
  4. (0-15mV) read as 0-99,999 Counts with 1 count resolution – 24 bit ADC – 10 SPS or 80SPS.
  5. Any range of load cell can be interfaced (+5V to +24Vexcitation)
  6. Digital Calibration (TARE & SPAN) – No trim Pot.
  7. Auto Zero for 3counts.
  8. 0-10V output for zero to full scale (suitable for PLC systems) with 10mV resolution.
  9. 2 Relay outputs (7A Amps rated) for 2 Setpoints with Hysteresis, through keypad entry.
  10. RS232 link / RS485 with programmable slave address.
  11. Decimal Point selection.
  12. Power on Tare / Manual Tare Programmable.
  13. Programmable Resolution 1count, 2counts, 5counts & 10counts.
  14. Programmable Over range load limit.
  15. UP (Peak Reset) key, Down Key, Shift key, Enter Key & Tare Key are the 5 different keys provided.
  16. 230V AC input power supply with Fuse (500mA) protection.
  17. Compact 48x96x110mm & 96x96x110mm panel mountable plastic enclosure for industrial application.
  18. System can be custom built to measure 4-20mA (pressure), length measurement (Potentiometer type), Counting Scale & any low level voltage measurement.


  • Various Products related to Load & Pressure:
  • Tensile Strength Indicator & Controller.
  • Spring Testing Machine – Load & Length Measurement.
  • Batching Plant Controller with 8 relay outputs, based on load.
  • Load Controller with fast sampling (80SPS) for conveyor sort of applications.
  • Counting Indicator & Controller with high accuracy.
  • Load Indicator with programmable RS485 address.
  • Load Indicator with analog output, (0-5V or 0-10V) with 5mV & 10mV accuracy.
  • Load Indicator with 4-20mA output.
  • Load Indicator with PC Calibration, through RS232 .
  • Load Indicator with data logging (NVSRAM).
  •  Test Jigs for Production Industries.
  •  Speed Reduction & Counting scale for packing industries.

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