Linear Scale DRO – Single, Two & Three Axis – SPM type

  1. Micro-Controller based system with seven segment display (0.56”), single row & 8digit interface & 7 keys for each axis.
  2. Linear Scale of any range 100mm to 1000mm.
  3. TTL compatible, +12V Logic Signal, Sine Voltage Input or 11uA Current Input: Sensing A pulse & B pulse. (no Z pulse sensing, if required can be interfaced for home position)
  4. Programmable – Plus or Minus (for direction selection) – Individual LED Indication.
  5. Programmable – Inches or mm selection – Individual LED Indication.
  6. Programmable – DIAMETER or RADIUS selection– Individual LED Indication.
  7. Programmable – Half function -– LED Indication.
  8. Software – Linear Error Full Scale Calibration (+/-25%) for the error reading.
  9. Zero reference selection or Required value reference selection.
  10. Memory backup for the final reading.
  11. 2 Relay outputs (7A Amps rated) – Used when length limit is required.
  12. RS232 link (Optional) – RS485 with slave address.
  13. mm/inches key, rad/dia key, UP key, Down Key, Shift key, Enter Key & Zero/Reset Key – 7 different keys provided. (Optional external Start/Stop toggle switch)
  14. 230V AC input power supply- Filter, Switch & Fuse (3A) protection.
  15. Rigid metal enclosure for industrial application.
  16. System can be custom built, according to customer requirement.

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